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Download:]({{ site.baseurl }}/assets/images/ of humoral hypergammaglobulinemia in multilocular sclerosis. A case is described of a patient with multilocular sclerosis who showed a recurrence of severe humoral hypergammaglobulinemia at the age of forty years. The clinical and laboratory picture resembled acute myeloid leukemia in that the patient had leukocytosis with 81% immature myeloid cells, as well as increased serum levels of glycogen phosphorylase, leukocytosis and hyperglobulinemia. After the re-appearance of the hypergammaglobulinemia, the course of the disease followed a non-specific pattern. It is suggested that an over-production of immunoglobulins was secondary to the leukemic process and it is assumed that this event was related to an increased plasma cell proliferation.If you are reading this then you are probably thinking: "Does this mean that my girlfriend has been unfaithful? Am I even worth it? My hormones are all over the place, how do I know if she’s cheating on me or just faking it? I always see her having sex with someone. What does this mean? I know she is in love with another man and that just gets me so upset, but I don’t know what to do. She says she loves me and to never leave me. How do I know that I’m being dumped for the sake of being dumped? Why did I stay so long and now this happens? I thought I was the one for her and now she’s acting like I don’t even matter. I’m hurt! I’m hurt!! I’m soooo hurt!! Am I going to be used? Do I love her enough? Am I going to get hurt? Why didn’t she tell me that she didn’t want me anymore? What’s wrong with me that this is happening? I’m such a nice guy and I deserve better than this! Why did I ever think that I could be happy when she’s with another man? Why did I even try to




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